Notice of SMCA General Meeting

by Gary Hartman

The background relating to the Executive’s decision is described as follows:

1. On 31/8/18 Armadale Cricket Club advised they had suffered a mass exodus of 1st grade players and requested a withdrawal from 1st grade for 2018/19.

2. Based on the precedent of the previous two years (Kardinya in 16/17 and Thornlie in 17/18) where we received requests from Clubs to similarly withdraw from 1st grade, the Executive asked Phoenix, which was the team relegated from 1st grade from 17/18, to see if they would be willing to remain in 1st grade for 18/19 to avoid a 7-team competition

3. In similar circumstances just 12 months ago, where Phoenix agreed to be reinstated despite not having the opportunity to plan/recruit during the off season, the Club has again come to our rescue in agreeing to remain in 1st grade for 18/19 subject to meeting the Executive on 3rd September 2018.

4. At that meeting, Phoenix expressed that this was the second consecutive year where they had been denied the opportunity during the off season to plan for their participation in the premier grade which had contributed to their ladder position in 17/18. As they were at a distinct disadvantage compared to the 7 other clubs, Phoenix asked if they if they could be granted some compensation by being exempted from relegation for 18/19 so they do not find themselves in the same position next year

5. The Executive considered Phoenix’s request and recognised the Club’s hardship that has been forced upon them through no fault of their own. Given their disadvantages caused by these unusual circumstances and Phoenix’s willingness to assist the Association to maintain the competitiveness of the competition, the Executive agreed to grant the club an exemption from relegation in 18/19 only


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