Qualifying For End of Season Finals

by Gary Hartman

BY-LAW 41:Note that qualification is on days played and not matches played.

A player must be named in the team 11 in at least six (6) days of fixtured matches with his club to be eligible for finals.

Should a Club have three or more teams then the qualifying period for the Clubs lowest one-day grade may be between three (3) and five (5) days in that grade provided that player has played no days in any other grade.

No player shall play in a lower grade final unless he has played the majority of days in that grade or lower. For the purpose of this rule the term “majority” means more than half.

Players are eligible to play in the grade determined by By Law 41b above regardless of where they played their last qualifying match.

To ascertain which grade a player qualifies to play in for End of Season Final it is recommended to count the number of days a player has played from the beginning of the season to the last qualifying match. Firstly this total must be more than 6. Then starting from the lowest grade played add the total number until the tally reaches more than half of the total days played. This is the grade where a player qualifies.

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