Welcome to the SMCA

The South Metropolitan Cricket Association fosters cricket in suburbs south of the Swan River.

From Fremantle to Cannington, to Armadale, Serpentine and across to Kwinana, there are currently 23 Clubs affiliated with the SMCA as well as an Umpires Association.

SMCA Notices

Match Review Form

A Match Review form is now available on this web site. This form was created after discussion at the Special General Meeting in January. The form is intended for matches where there is no umpire. To access the form the allocated login person from each club must log in to this web site and click on Match Review, then Create, complete the form and Save.

SMCA Windup

SMCA Windup - Tuesday14th March at Kardinya Lakes Clubrooms 6.30pm start.

The Executive would like to invite as many SMCA Life Members as possible to the Windup. Clubs are requested to pass on contact details of any Association Life Members that they are aware of. Please pass on the details to the SMCA Secretary.

By-Law 13a removed

At the meeting held on 30 January 2023 the SMCA Executive voted to removed By-Law 13a as it may have conflicted with By-Law 7a.  The By-Laws on this web site and the downloadable version have been updated.

Team Lists

A number of clubs have recently been fined and lost points for failing to provide a team list in acordance with By-Law 7a. Please ensure all captains are aware of this By-Law. Evidence provided to the SMCA of non compliance will result in the penalty as provided in the By-Law.

7a. Both teams shall be responsible for submitting a team list, using My Cricket, before the commencement of the match. The following criteria applies:

(1) Player ID -Team sheets/lists for each match are to contain the player’s MyCricket ID Number, their full first name and full surname ie 107567 John Smith.

(2) The 11 players must be listed in the scoresheet for the match; this includes 11A and 11B players.

(3) Failure to meet these requirements will result in the match being forfeited and incur a fine of $50.00 per offending team for a first offence doubling to $100 for subsequent offences.

Change to fixtures ODE

At the SMCA Executive meeting held on 30 January 2023 the Executive decided to remove Forrestdale from the ODE grade. This is in accordance with By-Law 12c. As there was a bye in the grade the team previously with the bye will now play the team who were scheduled to play Forrestdale. The fixtures have been amended on MyCricket.

Player Behaviour

At our recent Special General Meeting, we unanimously agreed that we would all be drawing a 'Line in the Sand' to curb the recent decline in player behaviour and increase player respect towards our umpires.

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Updated Covid Policy

At the SMCA Executive meeting held on 5th December it was agreed to follow the latest State Government Covid guidelines provided on 4th November.

Public health advice like mask-wearing, testing and isolating if feeling unwell, and avoiding high-risk settings until symptoms have cleared are highly recommended.  No replacement players will be allowed should a player or players from a team contract Covid.

Radio Show

SMCA Cricket Show - Sportfm 91.3

Saturday's 9am-10am - Presenters Jacob Landsmeer and Ian Hale with Special Guests.

Match Day Referee

All captains of teams where there is no officially appointed umpire should be aware of the details for the Match Day Referee. For the 2022-23 season the Match Day Referee is Graeme Ashley, phone 0419 916 714.

Should a captain deem it necessary to contact the Match Day Referee the opposing captain must also be available to speak with the Referee