Updated: September 2021


51. Composition of grades

a.  In the event that a club has a team(s) liable to promotion or relegation to any grade, such promotion or relegation shall be subject to that club not already having a team in that grade. Except where relegation of the bottom side in any grade affects the number of sides a club may field, the Committee may elect to place more than one team from that club in either of the bottom two grades of the competition.

b.  Any club wishing to have a team or teams to play one day fixtures only must apply to do so in writing. Clubs with three or more teams must nominate at least one team in a two-­â€day grade. 

c.  No team can be forced to play all one day fixtures.

d.  When an established club, from another Association or Organisation, or a new club is formed and admitted to the Association, the elected sub-committee is to endeavour to place the team or teams from the new club into appropriate grades. Such placement shall be subject to the proviso that no existing team shall be unfairly relegated to make room for a new team joining the Association.

e.  Where a situation arises where gradings are deemed impossible under these rules, the Executive may, under exceptional circumstances, act in the best interests of the competition.

f.  Where a club has more than one (1) team in a particular grade, players from that club can only play for one (1) of those teams in the finals series. Player finals qualifications – by law 41 apply. Breach of this bylaw will result in a forfeit and loss of points.