Updated: September 2021


66. Disputes and Appeals

a.  If any dispute shall arise between one club and another club, or between a member of a club and the committee of such club, it may be referred to the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board. The club or person aggrieved shall give notice to the Association Secretary, in writing, setting forth the grounds of the dispute or difference, which has occurred.

b. Any appeal to a fine/penalty/suspension imposed on items listed in By-Law 69 must be submitted by email to the P&D through the SMCA Secretary. The P&D will consider the appeal and give their decision, by email, to the SMCA Secretary. Any appeal made must be
submitted within 24 hours of the notification of fine. The decision of the P&D shall be final.

c. In items other than those listed in By-Law 69, any club which has been suspended, expelled or upon which a fine or penalty has been imposed or any person who has been suspended, fined or penalised by the Association, without recourse to the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board for any offences under these rules has the right to appeal to the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board. Notice of such appeal, signed by the appellant and stating the grounds upon which it is made, must be delivered to the Association Secretary within two
(2) days from the time that the club or person shall have received notice of such fine, suspension, penalty or refusal of permit, or the name of such person as defaulting member has been furnished to the Association. All conditions covered in this by-law are also subject
to By-Laws 67.a, 67.b, 67.c and 69.

d.  Any appeal will require a deposit of $100.00 which may be forfeited if the appeal is deemed frivolous, vexatious, groundless or lost.

e.  All penalties/findings and board proceedings concerning other disputes are covered by previous regulations.