Updated: September 2021


68. Financial By-Laws

a. Any club failing to pay the `Club Affiliation Fee' by the due date Constitution Rule 12.1.a, shall not be entitled to any points earned in any matches, in any grades in which the offending club may have played, or may be currently playing in, prior to the receipt by the Treasurer of the said “Club Affiliation Fee”.

b. Any club failing to pay the `Team Affiliation Fee' by the due date Constitution Rule 12.1.b, shall not be entitled to any points earned in any grades in any matches, in which the offending club may have played, or may be currently playing in, between the date on which the said `Team Affiliation Fee' was due and the date on which the said fee was received by the Treasurer.

c. When the association treasurer becomes aware that a club will be penalised through not complying with any of these rules, then that official shall immediately contact the Club President or Secretary and advise them of the impending penalty. Such contact shall be immediately confirmed by email by the Association Secretary.

d. The financial year of the Association shall end on the 30th April each year.

e. Any club withdrawing the nomination of a team or teams subsequent to the date set at the Annual General Meeting shall be fined in accordance with By-Law 69.4. (Refer also By-Law 68.f).

f. Any team withdrawn must be the lowest grade fixtured for that club for that season.

g. Where a Club forfeits a game in any grade, they will be fined the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first offence with this fine doubling with any subsequent offences. Where a team forfeits two games consecutively or three games in any one season in any one grade, the Association may order the withdrawal of the team from the competition, and the Club will be fined an additional one hundred dollars ($100.00).  The Clubs forfeited against to be compensated by fifty dollars ($50.00) for lost revenue and to reimburse their players. Payment will be made at the completion of the season.

h. Where exceptional circumstances existed, the Executive has the discretionary power to waive the above fines.

i. All monies shall be paid to the Treasurer within 35 days of the date of invoice. Except the months of February and March. An invoice will be issued to advise the club of money owed. Any club neglecting to pay by the due date, as shown on the invoice, shall be disqualified from taking part in any matches until the money is paid.

j. All clubs must be financial prior to the commencement of all finals, and the 30th April each year.

k. Any outstanding monies due by a club as a result of a misdemeanour incurred by one of their Junior sides shall not incur disqualification or loss of game points, but shall incur, instead, an additional monetary fine, which shall be paid within a further 14 days. Failure to pay both outstanding fines by the due date will result in disqualification until all monies are paid.

l. All payments by the Association shall be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). EFTtransaction is to be enacted by the Association Treasurer and Association Secretary.

m.  Any member of the Association may inspect the books of accounts of the Association at any Association Council or Executive Meeting, providing that twenty four (24) hours notice, in writing, be given to the Treasurer.

n.  Honorariums shall be fixed and authorised for payment by the Executive prior to the Annual General Meeting.

o. Proposed remuneration for contracted staff is to be detailed in the budget presented at the Annual General Meeting.

p.  A fine in accordance with By-Law 69 may be imposed in respect of any offence committed under these rules. In cases where no specific fine or penalty is prescribed in the Constitution the Executive is empowered to prescribe the penalty.

q.  Where there is a fine provided for in the By-Laws that fine provided for in By-Law 69.11 and 69.12 and 69.13 that fine will be doubled and then remain at this amount for any offence occurring after this.