Updated: September 2021


75. Club championship – Brian Waterer Shield

On completion of the qualifying rounds, each season, the Club Championship awards shall be decided in accordance with the following:

a. To be eligible for either award each club must have at least three teams participating in the two-day competition with one of those teams in either First or Second Grade. Only points received in the two-day grades shall be awarded to the Clubs.

b. The formula for calculation of the championship is:

Points scored for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are then divided by the number of matches played by each team.The points are then added across each team in a club, then divided by the total number of teams in the club to give the total for that club.

The following weighting system to be used;
First and Second Grade – 100%
All other two-day grades – 80%

(i) .10 of a point deducted to the Club for each week a player is suspended by the P&D.

(ii) .01 of a point deducted for each dollar the Club is fined by the SMCA. Excluding fines involving team forfeits, withdrawal of teams, match result, player scores and for the non-submission of Captain’s Report on Umpires.

c.  In the event of a tie between two or more clubs, then the club whose top side is closest to top position of the First Grade in seniors shall be the winner.