How do I update our Office Bearers?

Administration page

Click on “Click here to update your Office Bearers” or on "Club/Office Bearers" in the green-rimmed administration menu on the left.

Club list and edit button

On the right side of your club's name and logo is a green pencil icon. Click on the icon.

Club editing form

Scroll down the page and update any required details. The SMCA requires the email addresses for at least 3 people on your committee.

Once all changes have been made click the “Save” button on the bottom of the screen. The information will be immediately updated on the SMCA web site.

Please follow these procedures even of there is no change to your committee! This will change the update date of you club record so that the Administrator is aware that your Club’s Office Bearer details are up to date.

Last update on 07-09-2017 by admin.

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