Updated: September 2021


11. Dropping players to lower grades

a. In all qualifying games

i. A player may drop from any two-day grade to the highest of the clubs one-day only grades at any time.

ii. A player promoted to a higher grade can return to their original grade provided it is in the next fixture that the player plays

iii. A club with three or more two-day grade teams may drop players from their lowest two-day grade team to any of their one-day only grade teams.

iv. For the purposes of qualification for end of season finals, one day only grades shall be graded highest to lowest, with ‘A’ being the highest.

v. Lower grade players can be promoted at any time.

vi. The penalty for playing an ineligible player, the team shall forfeit the points gained in that match.

Split player option:

Preamble: The split player option rule is intended to allow players playing in two-day fixtures to play only one day of a two-day fixture. The intention is not for a player who is playing in the two-day competition to play on the other day in a one-day grade only fixture.

Split player option: Teams may name, prior to the coin toss; two players (11A and 11B) to split the duties of a regular player in two-day qualifying matches, provided:

i That neither player plays in any other grade on either of the two fixtured playing days; except a player who last played in a one day only grade who can play in a one day only grade on the other day. By Law 11b applies to this rule.

ii Only player 11A can participate on day one, with player 11B only participating on day two;

iii Only one of the split players can bat in each innings.

iv This rule shall apply to all two-day matches, including finals.