Updated: September 2021


13. Scoring

a. Each Captain shall hand a team list to the Umpire, or opposing Captain, prior to the toss on the first days play. The scorers must sit together and check that scores match constantly. The scorebooks must be checked and signed by both Captains and Umpire/s, at the completion of each innings and each day’s play. Team captains are to ensure that the scorebook details are completed prior to the umpires signing.

b. In the event of a discrepancy in the scorebooks then the method used to determine the actual score or scores shall be the mean average between the bowling aggregate and the sundries and the batting aggregate and sundries of both books. In dispute, the listed bowling and batting figures are to stand for all Association and club averages. If a discrepancy occurs and an official umpire is in attendance, both scorebooks are to be handed to the umpire and presented to the Association Administrator for review. The decision of the Administrator is final.

c. Both teams are required to provide a scorer. In the event of the fielding team not having a scorer available, the batting team shall provide both scorers.

d. Online scoring is permitted. Only one user can score online for each match. The team not providing the scoring device must score using a scorebook as a backup in case of technology failure. Both teams must continue to score online using only the device with which scoring commenced.

e. Online scoring for First and Second Grade teams is required. The home team is responsible for the implementation of online scoring.