Updated: September 2021


2. Matches

a. All matches shall be played in accordance with the laws of cricket except where they are negated or modified by these rules and, for the purpose of such rules, a match extending over two Saturday or Sunday afternoons shall be deemed a two-day match. A match played on a single Saturday or Sunday shall be deemed a one-day match.

b. Association Rules of Play and Wet Weather Rules are included as By-Laws (19.i through to 19.xv), (20.i through to and including 20.v), 25.b, 25.c, 25.d, 29.c, 32.a, 35.a, and 35.b.

SMCA rules for its Competitions in extreme heat situations are as follows:

(i) In exceptionally hot weather, Law 56a may be modified so that drinks breaks may be scheduled as frequently as required subject to the overall minimum period of play between two drinks breaks, or between a drinks break and the start or conclusion of an off-the-field interval, being 35 minutes.

(ii) On days where the temperature is extremely hot or forecast to be extremely hot at midday the SMCA will consider abandoning play and will notify Clubs through the SMCA Secretary.

c. Extreme Weather Policy

These general considerations apply to the SMCA Competition:

i. The welfare of players and umpires is paramount.

ii. The primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of individual participants are the individual players and Clubs.

iii. Individuals have a responsibility to withdraw from participating if their particular circumstances place them at an unacceptable level of risk. Clubs also have a responsibility in this regard.

iv. On days of extreme heat players, umpires and officials should be aware of the possible risks and carefully monitor all players and umpires. If any show signs of distress from the heat, swift and appropriate action should be taken.

v. Special attention should be given to junior players, as they are more susceptible to heat injury and may have played in junior matches on the same day.

vi. Ensure there are sufficient shaded areas at grounds for both players and spectators where possible.