Updated: September 2021


21. Finals

Dependent upon the composition of each senior grade the Executive shall determine the format for the finals from one of the following:

a. Final Four

Finals matches shall be played between the top four (4) teams as follows:


1st vs. 4th   Game 1
2nd vs. 3rd  Game 2

Grand Final:

Winner 1st Semi Final vs. Winner 2nd Semi Final

b. Final Six

Finals matches shall be played between the top six (6) teams as follows:

Elimination Finals:

1st vs. 6th
2nd vs. 5th
3rd vs. 4th

The two lowest ranked losing sides are eliminated. The three winning sides are ranked in order of their finishing position on the home and away ladder and the losing side is ranked fourth giving up any opportunity of a home final for the remainder of the final series.


1st vs. 4th
2nd vs. 3rd

The exception to this is that if 6th beats 1st they will be fixtured against the side ranked second.

If 6th beats 1st
3rd vs. 1st
2nd vs. 4th

If weather or any other cause interrupts a semi final and a result cannot be achieved the positions as declared at the start of the semi final match take precedence over ladder position at the end of the home and away season for declaring the result.

Grand Final:

Winner 1st Semi Final vs. Winner 2nd Semi Final

c. Finals shall be played on two (2) consecutive days, or as otherwise fixtured. The hours of play shall be as specified in By-Law 14.a.

d. Any team in a two day final that does not bowl the required number of overs within thirty minutes of the scheduled time for stumps, shall be declared the loser of that final. The result can only be amended if the aggrieved team can furnish a satisfactory explanation to the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board as to the extenuating circumstances for excessive time lost. The above does not apply if a result has been achieved.

e. In the event of a tied or drawn semi or elimination final the higher ranked side at the end of the qualifying matches shall be declared the winner.

f. For two-day final rounds the conditions of play as set out in By-Laws 15.a shall apply.