Updated: September 2021


26. Bowling limitations

a.  Each bowler is limited to eight (8) overs in an innings of forty (40) overs and seven (7) in an innings of thirty five (35) overs. In the event of a bowler being injured during the course of their over and is unable to finish the over at that time, the over shall be completed by another bowler. One (1) of the limitation of eight (8) overs shall be recorded against each of the injured bowler and the replacement bowler. However, only one (1) over shall be added to the aggregate overs of the bowling team.

b.  In reduced over matches due to weather or other circumstances beyond the control of either team, no reduction for individual bowlers is required and the eight (8) overs maximum for a 40 over match and the seven (7) overs maximum for a 35 over match will still apply.

c.  Fielder Leaving The Field of Play
If a fielder leaves the field of play during a session of play,

(i) the umpire shall be informed of the reason for the absence.

(ii) the fielder shall not thereafter resume on the field during a session of play, without the consent of the umpire. The umpire shall give such consent as soon as practicable.

(iii) the fielder shall not be permitted to bowl until they have resumed on the field for at least the same length of playing time for which they were absent.  

d.  Any player arriving late for a fixtured match may bowl immediately.