Updated: September 2021


27. Wide ball

a.  Umpires are instructed to apply a very strict and consistent interpretation in regard to wide deliveries in order to prevent negative bowling wide of the wicket or over the batsman’s head.

b.  As a guideline to the umpires for the calling of wides on the offside the crease markings detailed in Annexure A shall be marked in white at each end of the pitch. The inner-edge of each line: 17 inches (43.2 cm) inside each Return crease i.e. 35 inches (89 cm) on each side of the imaginary Centre-line If a ball passes outside the Off-side Wide-line without touching the striker, the Bowlers end umpire must call & signal Wide.

c.  Any off side delivery which in the opinion of the umpires, does not give the batsman a reasonable opportunity to score shall be called a “wide”. Any delivery that passes outside the leg stump and behind the striker shall be called a “wide”.

d.  Deleted 3rd May 2016.