Updated: September 2021


28. No ball

(a) Bowling of Short Pitched Balls

i. A bowler shall be limited to one fast short- pitched delivery per over.

ii. A fast short-pitched delivery is defined as a ball, which after pitching, passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease.

iii. The umpire at the bowlers end shall advise the bowler and the batsman on strike when each fast short pitched delivery has been bowled.

iv. In addition, for the purpose of this clause and subject to clause (v) below, a ball that passes above head height of the batsman, that prevents him from being able to hit it with his bat by means of a normal cricket stroke shall be called a Wide.

v. For the avoidance of doubt any fast short pitched delivery that is called a Wide under this playing condition shall also count as one of the allowable short pitched deliveries in that over.

vi. In the event of a bowler bowling more than one fast short-pitched delivery in an over as defined in clause (ii) above, the umpire at the bowler’s end shall call and signal No ball on each occasion. A differential signal shall be used to signify a fast short pitched delivery. The umpire shall call and signal No ball and then tap the head with the other hand

(b) Dangerous and Unfair Non-pitching Deliveries

Any delivery, which passes or would have passed, without pitching, above waist height of the striker standing upright at the popping crease, is to be deemed dangerous and unfair, whether or not it is likely to inflict physical injury on the striker.  

On each occasion, the umpire at the bowlers end will call and signal “no ball”.

After two such deliveries, only Association Approved official umpires can suspend a bowler from bowling again in that innings in accordance with the Laws of Cricket 41.7 

(c)   Fielding Restrictions (Two Day Grades only)

At the instant of delivery there may be no more than five fieldsmen outside the Fielding Restriction Area and no more than five fieldsmen on the leg (on) side

The ground shall be marked with a single Fielding Restriction Area as follows:

Two semi-circles are drawn on the field of play, with their semi-circles centred on the middle stump of each end of the pitch;

The radius of each of the semi-circles is 27.43 metres (30 yards);

The ends of each semi-circle are joined to the other end on the same side of the pitch by a straight line drawn on the field.