Updated: September 2021


3. Delayed start to match

a. Any club not ready to start playing within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled time will forfeit the match to the opposing team (see By-Law 4a) and be fined. If the Captain or a Deputy is not available to toss fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled start time, then that team loses the toss

b. In the event of late starting, it is optional on the part of the club not at fault to say whether it will continue to play after the time set down for close of play, in order to make up the time lost in starting. Such option must be exercised before start of play on which the default has taken place and in this event no protest may be entered. Beyond 15 minutes (and less than 30) the team at fault shall lose the toss and be penalised 1 over for every three and a half minutes of late start time in their first batting innings.