Updated: September 2021


29. Result (qualifying rounds)

a.  One day matches not played under ordinary conditions or otherwise decided, shall be won by the team scoring the greater number of runs, irrespective of the number of wickets lost by either team, provided that the required number of overs have been bowled to the team batting second.

b.  If both teams have completed their innings and the scores are equal, then the result shall be a tie.

c.  If due to the weather, or circumstances beyond the control of either team, the number of overs required to be bowled to the team batting second has not been bowled and a result has not been achieved, the result of the match shall be a draw. Bonus points earned will be retained by each team.

d. Where no play is possible, average overall points for the round (if any matches were played) in that grade will be granted. In the case of a team(s) winning on forfeit prior to the scheduled start time, they will receive the points for a first innings points win. To claim the points, a team list must be entered onto MyCricket in accordance with by law 7a.