Updated: September 2021


32. One day finals

a.  To constitute a game in both the One Day Competition and the Mid Season One Day Competition finals, a minimum of twenty (20) overs must be bowled to each team. If the game due to weather or other circumstances beyond the control of either team is incomplete, (i.e. to one or both teams not receiving the minimum twenty (20) overs) the team finishing higher on the Ladder at the end of the regular season will be deemed the winner of the game

b.  If each team has received the minimum of twenty (20) overs the winner shall be the team with the best run rate to 2 decimal points (i.e.: 3.25) at the corresponding completed over for each innings (see example below)

Team A: 8 for 220 after 40 Overs (3 for 100 after 24 Overs)
Run Rate at 24 overs 4.16

Team B: 4 for 125 after 24.3 overs (4 for 120 after 24 Overs)
Run Rate at 24 Overs 5.00

Winner of Game is Team B

c.  Should the run rate be exactly the same for both teams as set out in the example above, the team with the least wickets lost at the corresponding completed over shall then be declared the winner. Using the example above should the Run rate both be the same at the corresponding completed over the winner of the game would be Team A as they had only lost 3 wickets to Team B’s 4 wickets.

d.  Should neither team be able to be separated by either By-Laws (32.b or c) then the game shall be deemed a tie and the winner shall be deemed under rule By-Law 32.g

e.  If any team bowling second in a one day final that does not bowl the required number of overs within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time for stumps, the team bowling second shall be declared the loser of that final. The result can only be amended if the aggrieved team can furnish a satisfactory explanation to the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board as to the extenuating circumstances for excessive time lost.

f.  By-Law 32.e does not apply if a result has been achieved (i.e.) Team Batting second innings has been concluded prior to completing the required overs.

g.  In the event of a tied game both teams shall be declared as “Joint Premiers”.