Protests and Disputes



Tribunal date:


Tribunal personnel:

R. McDonald [Chair], D.King

Tribunal convenor:

G. Ashley


P. Kulkarni



Damien Boyle


Jandakot Park

Advocate's name:




1. Showing dissent towards an umpire's decision. 2. Abusing or swearing at an umpire.

Tribunal notes:

Originally umpire Kulkarni gave player Boyle a caution for dissent towards an umpires decision. As there were two separate issues in regard to the player's behaviour towards the umpire the caution was reviewed by the SMCA Executive and as per By Law 64 the matter was referred to the Tribunal. Umpire Kulkarni stated when he gave player Boyle out LBW the player showed dissent towards his decision. Player Boyle agreed this was bascially correct, although he noted he was not entirely sure what he had actually said to the umpire. During the tea interval when the umpire asked player Boyle to sign the caution form he was again abused by the player. This incident was witnessed by umpire B.Thomas, who was umpiring on the adjacent ground. Umpire Thomas backed up umpire Kulkarni's version of the incident and player Boyle again agreed the substance of their submission was correct.


Player Boyle was found guilty of a Level I penalty for showing dissent to wards an umpire's decision and also found guilty of a Level II penalty by abusing or swearing at an umpire for the incident at tea time. Player Boyle is suspended for a total of Eight playing dates, commencing on Saturday 17th February, 2018. Two playing dates are a suspended sentence until 17th February, 2019 and the other six are to be service immediately. The finishing date of the six day suspension will not be determined until Jandakot Park CC involvement in finals in determined, so a final date will be provided by the SMCA Secretary at a later date.


Signee's name:

Graeme Ashley, Convenor

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