Protests and Disputes



Tribunal date:


Tribunal personnel:

J.Griffin [Chair] J.Hewitt, G.Palmer

Tribunal convenor:

G. Ashley


This is an appeal tribunal and no umpires were present



David Bandy


CBC Cricket Club

Advocate's name:

Tony Basili, Andrew Galbraith



This is an Appeals Tribunal: Matters before the Appeal Tribunal: 1. Noted that CBC had not paid the $100 as per By Law 67e. Club to be invoiced. 2. CBC had appealed on the basis due process had not been followed in that By Law 63.a.i and not been complied with. 3. D.Bandy advised he was not aware he had been reported.

Tribunal notes:

The panel found that: 1. Mr Bandy, by nature of his evidence at the original Tribunal had a conversation with Umpire Locyker and Lockyer advised him he was to be reported. 2. The Club was notified of the report and relevant charges within twenty fours hours of the report being lodged. 3. It found that it was reasonable in the circumstances that By Law 63.a.v. was invoked by Umpire Lockyer because he was uncomfortable in returning to the CBC change room.


The matter of the original penalty was considered by the Panel and they found there were no errors in deciding the penalties. The original penalties were to remain.


Signee's name:

Graeme Ashley, Tribunal Convenor

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