Protests and Disputes



Tribunal date:


Tribunal personnel:

R.McDonald [Chairman], D.King, G.Ashley

Tribunal convenor:

G. Ashley


G. Shaw



Premjot Sandhu


South Bertram Districts

Advocate's name:

Peter Knowles



Premjot Sandhu reported for: Abusing, swearing at the umpire Dissent Abusing, swearing at opposition players

Tribunal notes:

Umpire Shaw presented a report outlining the events leading to this report, indicting that player Sandhu disputed his decision when given out and then became involved with opposition players whilst acting as square leg umpire. Player Sandhu then spoke and conceded he had questioned the umpire's decision when dismissed. He also saw it necessary to follow a ball to the boundary whilst acting as square leg umpire, as he believed there was some inconsistencies by the opposition in calling boundaries correctly. Other matters: 1. Incidents occurred at this match as a result of ongoing feeling between the teams as a result of off field actions at the previous match. The panel was concerned that South Bertram had not reported this matter at the time. 2. Nothing regarding any incidents on or off the field were relevant in player Sandhu dissenting with the umpire as to his dismissal. 3. Players should be aware they are not to vacant their position whilst acting as square leg umpire. 4. We believe both clubs should receive a letter from the SMCA President outlining their responsibilities under the Code of Conduct. There were certainly faults on both sides during these two matches. 5. We recommend a Senior umpire be appointed when next they play.


After considering all matters the panel found player Sandhu guilty of the lesser charge of dissent against the umpire: Penalty 2 playing dates. The panel also considered he was involved with opposition players, but were not convinced this was all one way traffic. He was also issued a suspended 6 playing date penalty, which will activate is he is found guilty of any further offence during the 2016-17 season.


Signee's name:

Graeme Ashley, Tribunal Convenor

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