SMCA Notices
January 2022

Qualification For End of Season Finals

See notice to clubs 24th February

Two day Grades - By Law 41 applies - (must be named in the team 11 in at least six (6) days of fixtured matches). Changed to 5 days

One Day Grades - A player must be named in the team 11 in at least five (5) (Changed to 4) of the fixture matches with his club to be eligible for finals.  The only exception to this is ODE, ODG and ODH where the qualification is four (4) (Changed to 3) playing days due to a Bye being introduced in the season with Bylaw As Per By-Law 41a(i), If a Club has three or more teams, then the qualification requirement for their lowest team is reduced from 3 days to 2, as long as they have played in no other Grade during the season.

T20 and F15 matches do not count as qualification matches and being named as a 12th also does not count as a qualification match. Being named when a team has a bye or if they forfeit the match do not count.