SMCA Notices
July 2022

AGM Minutes

Download minutes of the AGM held on 27th June 2022

10 Team One-Day Grades

At the Executive Meeting held on 25th July it was decided that to overcome the issue of teams playing each other an uneven number of times in the one-day grades as many one-day grades as possible will be made up of 10 teams. Further, a top six and a three week finals series as per By-Law 21b starting on the last week of qualifying matches in the two-day grades (4th March) will be implemented.

On Line Scoring

The SMCA Executive has made the following change to By-Law 13d in relation to online scoring.

By-Law 13d: Online scoring is permitted. Only one user can score online for each match. The team not providing the scoring device must score using a scorebook as a backup in case of technology failure. Both teams must continue to score online using only the device with which scoring commenced.

SMCA Life Membership

At the SMCA Executive meeting held on 25th July Ian Hale, Graeme Ashley and Gary Hartman were appointed to the Life Membership Committee.

This Committee now seeks nominations for Life Membership to the Association. Life Membership is covered in Clause 8 (2) of the SMCA Constitition. Nominations for Life Membership must be forwarded be email to the Association Secretary by the 31st of December. The nomination must cover the criteria covered in Clause 8 (2) of the SMCA Constitution.

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Updated Draft Playing Dates 22-23

Download the updated draft playing dates for the coming 22-23 season.

Executive Meeting – 25th July 2022

Download minutes of the Executive Meeting on 25th July 2022