SMCA Notices

General Meeting

Monday 20th May - General Meeting - 7:00pm - Leeming.

Executive Meeting

Monday 29th April - Executive Meeting - 6:15pm - Leeming.

Executive Meeting

Monday 24th June - Executive Meeting - 6:00pm - Leeming.

Executive Meeting

Monday 23rd September - Executive Meeting - 6:00pm - Leeming.

Annual General Meeting

Monday 5th August - Annual General Meeting - 7:00pm - Leeming.

Team and Ground Nominations

Closing date for Team and Ground Nominations is Friday 20th September at 5:00pm. The form is submitted after logging in to this web site.

Match Day Referee

All captains of teams where there is no officially appointed umpire should be aware of the details for the Match Day Referee.  For the 2019-20 season the Match Day Referee is Ian Hale, phone 0409 688 319. Should a captain deem it necessary to contact the Match Day Referee the opposing captain must also be available to speak with the Referee.           

Executive Meeting

28th October at Atwell Oval – 6:00 pm.

Executive Meeting

6th January at Atwell Oval – 6:00 pm.