Covid 19


Cricket Australia had sent out COVID requirements for the 2020-21 season.

Key requirements are:

  1. No Spitting or using body fluid (ie sweat) on the ball
  2. No sharing of equipment ie helmets.
  3. Player and umpires to provide their own drink bottles - no sharing of cups in eskies etc
  4. Players to provide their own afternoon tea.
  5. Umpires will not hold player’s hats, spectacles, jumpers.

If an SMCA match is affected by COVID 19 (infected player etc) and the mandatory 14-day self-isolation and testing is enacted, then a match in progress would have to be abandoned and the match drawn. Clubs/teams would not be penalised, as COVID is an unprecedented situation.

See By-Law 24 for consequences of an event, or series of events, causing a season to be prematurely ended.

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