SMCA Notices

SMCA Life Membership

by Gary Hartman

(2) The Association may have any class of associate membership approved by resolution at a general meeting, including honorary membership and life membership.

(a) A natural person may become a life member of the Association under rule 8(2)(c)(i) through to rule 8(2)(c)(xiii).

(b) Life Membership may be awarded for significant contributions and exemplary service for the advancement of cricket to the South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

(c) The criteria for consideration are as follows:

(i)  Playing and representing the Association in inter-Association matches.

(ii). Coaching/Managing Association teams.

(iii). Administration of the Association

(iv) Umpiring within the Association and representative level

(v). General contribution – including fund raising, supporting and any other criteria that a Committee may see as relevant that directly supports the Association.

(vi) The nominee must have demonstrated outstanding contribution in at least one of these criterions or a combination of the criterions.

(vii) Nominations for Life Membership must be forwarded in writing to the Association Secretary by the 31st of December each year. Nominations will then be considered by the Life Membership Sub Committee (Rule 34).

(1) Any member of the Association may nominate a person for Life Membership of the Association.

(2) Nominations should include the reasons for nominating the person for Life Membership as per the criterion given in Rule 8(2).

(viii) In determining the level of significance, the Associations Life Membership Sub-Committee should consider this in light of very high quality service for the advancement of cricket. While a considerable length of time of service is important, the overall criterion is the quality of service.

(ix). The Association’s Life Membership Sub-Committee shall consider any nominations received at the end of the cricket season and recommend any nominations deemed suitable to Association Executive.

(1) The Association Executive will consider any nominations received from the Life Membership Sub-Committee.

(2) A nominated person(s) may not be present during the consideration on their recommendation for Life Membership

(x) A Life Member may attend any meeting of the Association. They may speak upon any motion but shall not have a vote, unless acting as a delegate of an Associated Club or Affiliated Body.

(xi) A maximum of one new Life Member per year will be appointed unless exceptional or special circumstances exist.

(xii) A new Life Member of the Association will be presented a Life Member’s badge at the Association’s Annual Presentation Night.

(xiii) Life Membership may be retracted where the recipients have conducted themselves or behaved in a manner that reflects directly and adversely on the image or activities of the Association. This provision will only be excised in exceptional circumstances and will require complete consensus of the Association Executive

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