Protests and Disputes



Tribunal date:


Tribunal personnel:

D King (Chair), R McDonald

Tribunal convenor:

J Griffin


U Mohanty, N Harris (Umpires Advisor)



J Owen


Willetton Crows

Advocate's name:

Nil Representation



Verbal Abuse

Tribunal notes:

The tribunal convened at 7pm. Mr Owen was not present and sent a prepared statement stating he was ill and provided his version of events. Mr Owen's statement was read to the Tribunal. The Tribunal were disappointed that there was no players advocate from Willeton and that Mr Owen's statement was received as the Tribunal convened. Statements provided by the opposition team players were read by the Tribunal. The officiating umpire Mr Mohanty read his statement to the Tribunal. The second square leg umpire from Perth Tamils -M Jijilal Kg was present and provided his version of events to the Tribunal. One of the Perth Tamil batsman (C Joseph) was in attendance and provided his version of events. The Tribunal considered all the statements received from the players from both teams that had been provided and as there was conflicting statements these were discounted. The officiating umpires statement was considered and applied.


J Owen found guilty of a level 2 Offence (verbal abuse) and suspended for six (6) playing days of which two (2) are suspended until 30 April 2021. Willeton Cricket Club fined $100.


Signee's name:

J Griffin, Convenor

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