Protests and Disputes



Tribunal date:


Tribunal personnel:

Mr D King, Mr G Santich

Tribunal convenor:

J Griffin


D Plug and D Diek



Mark Rice


CBC Cricket Club

Advocate's name:

C Pietroniro



Disputing of an umpires decision by gestures or words.

Tribunal notes:

Due to procedural matters, this P&D was not held within the week after the match completion and was re-scheduled. The two match umpires presented their statement of events that occurred during the 1st grade match played between CBC and Roleystone-Karragullen (RKCC) on 28 November and 5 December 2020. Mr Rice was unable to be present due to family matters. His prepared statement of events was provided to the P&D. RKCC player Mr Patrick Fisher informed the P&D of his version of events. A written statement by Mr G Hickinbotham from RKCC was tended to the P&D. Prepared written character references for Mr Rice were provided to the P&D. After considered deliberation the P&D decided that due to the conflicting versions of the events and established procedure for prescribed penalties not being followed, no penalties will be applied to Mr Rice.


The P&D found Mr Rice not guilty of the offence. The P&D advised that players must respect the umpires and team captains must ensure that the game is played in the correct spirit. Mr King also requested that the SMCA Executive review and update the player caution, prescribed penalties and offences in the SMCA Bylaws.


Signee's name:

J Griffin, Convenor

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