Protests and Disputes



Tribunal date:


Tribunal personnel:

P Speering (Chair), M Beer, C Joseph

Tribunal convenor:

J Griffin


N Harris (umpires advisor)



A Turner


Riverton Rostrata

Advocate's name:

J Hansen, S Harrison



A Turner was a given a suspension of 12 playings days on 17 October 2020 for a level 3 offence committed on 18 March 2020 and with a carry over suspended penalty go four (4) playing days from January 2020 was suspended for 16 playing days. Riverton Rostrata lodged an appeal that the suspended penalty of four playing days should not apply as the 2019/2020 season had already ended when the offence was committed.

Tribunal notes:

S Harrison presented their evidence that the SMCA 2019/20 season had ceased on 17 March 2020 (season abandoned due to COVID) and that the suspended penalty of 4 playing days given to Mr Turner did not apply as time frame given for this suspended penalty was to the "end of the season". The Appeals Tribunal considered the evidence presented and given the evidence presented and the facts presented decided that the definition of seasons end was conflicting and not staightforward.


The Appeals Tribunal upheld the appeal from Riverton Rostrata. The application of the suspended sentence of four playing days given to Mr Turner was revoked. Mr Turner's 12 playing days suspension still applies. Given that 9 playing days have occurred in season 2020/21, Mr Turner has three more playing days to serve. Mr Turner will be eligible to resume playing from Sunday 24 January 2021.


Signee's name:

John Griffin, Convenor

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