Protests and Disputes



Tribunal date:


Tribunal personnel:

D King (Chair), R McDonald

Tribunal convenor:

J Griffin


N. Harris (Umpires Advisor), P Sawiak (President Umpires Association)



Alistair Turner


Riverton Rostrata

Advocate's name:

Sean Harrison, Joshua Hansen (President)



Code of Conduct Level 3 - Vilification of a major nature of a severe nature - Web participation by members of the Southern Metropolitan Cricket Association (SMCA) to vilify, defame or criticise other members of the SMA whether they be players or officials acting in any capacity where it is deemed to be bringing the game into disrepute. In that A Turner posted comments on the SMCA Facebook page naming umpire D. Diek.

Tribunal notes:

This P&D was delayed due to the impact of COVID. A. Turner was not able to attend the P&D due to work commitments and provided a written statement to the P&D that was read by S. Harrison his advocate. In his statement, A.Turner pleaded guilty and would accept the award of a penalty. Mr Turner apologised for posting the unacceptable comments about the umpire of Facebook S Harrison provided a character reference for A Turner. N Harris and P Sawiak provided impact statements on the effect of the offensive facebook comments had had on the umpire concerned. Mr King and Mr McDonald reiterated to Riverton Rostrata representatives that the social media comments about another person are serious and are unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. They also acknowledged Riverton Rostrata actions in not selecting A Turner for the 1st round of T20s played on 17 Oct 20 and the intention to reinforce player behaviour and conduct prior to the next match.


A. Turner found guilty of a level 3 Code of Conduct offence and suspended him for 12 playing days. As A Turner had a carry over suspended penalty of four playing days, the total suspension is 16 playing days effective from 17 October 2020.


Signee's name:

John Griffin, Convenor

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