Yes - YOU can become an Umpire!

An Invitation

Every winter parents and older players look towards the summer season and towards cricket. Parents because their children are involved and players because of their lifetime love of their sport. Cricket, like so many sports needs people to officiate in matches. Sadly, we become disillusioned when bad decisions are made, yet we do little to remedy the situation.

Please accept this as a personal invitation and consider becoming part of the third team in a match, an Umpire.

You do not need to have played the game, but it is an advantage. The duties are not too onerous, but do require an element of dedication and fitness, and a desire to "Get it Right". There is also the opportunity (if that is your ambition and ability) to progress up the ladder to umpire at higher levels. Every Test Umpire started as a Club Umpire.

In the South Metropolitan Cricket Association we have almost 40 umpires available to assist you to develop those skills, both on and off the field. All Umpires are assessed on a regular basis to ensure that career paths are continuously available.

What commitment must I be prepared to make?

All club matches are played between October and March on Saturday afternoons. Umpires are remunerated. We all have family and work commitments that from time to time must take precedence. Therefore your commitment is for you to decide.

The next question must be;

What must I do to become an Umpire?

To become a competent Umpire, you must be prepared to study the Laws of Cricket, and to be fully conversant with the Playing Conditions of the competition in which we are officiating. Every competition has its own regulations, be it for One Day or Two Day Club cricket. Whatever our duties we must have a precise knowledge of them all. To achieve this, even proficient Umpires regularly read and study, to ensure that we not only get our decisions right on the field, but get it right in interpreting the competition rules, instinctively.

If you have the patience and would like to be part of the game from the best position on the field, send an email to the Umpires Advisor. You can become part of the valued third team in a Cricket Match.

What Support can I expect?

The South Metropolitan Cricket Umpires Association gains support from South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

A close working relationship exists between the Umpires Advisor and the Cricket Umpiring Manager at the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA).

The Umpires Advisor’s role is to insure that every Umpire has the chance to develop to the highest standards suitable for each person. Every participant is encouraged to become the best they want to be.

You can be assured of a warm welcome into the ranks of this Association, and an opportunity to enhance your ability on the field. We want you to enjoy your participation.