Formation of the South Metropolitan Cricket Association

In May 1996 initial meetings between sub-committees of the South Suburban Cricket Association and the Fremantle and Districts Mercantile Cricket Association were introduced by the two associations to investigate the feasibility of a possible merger in future seasons, with a time frame of three to five seasons.

After these early meetings, a sub-committee consisting of Ray Howe, Terry Garner, Gil McDonald from the SSCA and Laurie Farmer, Brian Waterer and and Ian Hale from the F&DMCA was formed to draw up a common constitution from the two former constitutions.

As the 1996/97 season was approaching, Leeming Spartans Cricket Club were invited to join the SSCA after the Thornlie Cricket Club had left to join the WA Suburban Turf Cricket Association. After Leeming accepted this invitation, the remaining F&DMCA clubs held a special general meeting and decided to join the SSCA for the for 1996-97 season with the intention of merging officially the following season of 1997-98. This was agreed by SSCA for 1996-97 with David Nolan, Brian Waterer and Ian Hale joining the SSCA Executive for that season.

During the off season prior to 1997-98 the constitution was finalised and ratified at a special annual general meeting.  It was agreed to form the new association, The South Metropolitan Cricket Association.