Brian Waterer

Brian Waterer
Brian Waterer

The Brian Waterer Shield is named in honour of Leeming Spartan and Association legend Brian Waterer.

Brian is the current Patron of the SMCA and has served previously as both a senior and junior vice president to the SMCA.

Brian was president of the Fremantle and Districts Mercantile Cricket Association from 1965 to 1982. He is a Life Member of that Association, the SMCA and Leeming Spartan Club. In 2008 Brian was awarded the Cricket Australia 50 Year Service Award.

The current criteria to win this award is covered in By-Law 74.

a. To be eligible for either award each club must have at least three teams participating in the relevant competition with one of those teams in either First or Second Grade. Only points received in the two-day grades shall be awarded to the Clubs.

b. The formula for calculation of the championship is:

Points scored for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are then divided by the number of matches played by each team.The points are then added across each team in a club, then divided by the total number of teams in the club to give the total for that club.

The following weighting system to be used;
First and Second Grade – 100%
All other two-day grades – 80%

.10 of a point deducted to the Club for each week a player is suspended by the P&D.
.01 of a point deducted for each dollar the Club is fined by the SMCA. Excluding fines involving forfeits and the withdrawal of teams and for the non-­‐ submission of Captain’s Report on Umpires.

c. In the event of a tie between two or more clubs, then the club whose top side is closest to top position of the First Grade in seniors shall be the winner.


Season Winner
2023-24 Cockburn
2022-23 Hilton Bicton
2021-22 Hilton Bicton
2020-21 Hilton Bicton
2019-20 Cockburn
2018-19 CBC
2017-18 Cockburn
2016-17 SJ Blues
2015-16 CBC
2014-15 CBC
2013-14 CBC
2012-13 East Fremantle
2011-12 Hilton Palmyra
2010-11 Cockburn
2009-10 Cockburn
2008-09 Phoenix
2007-08 Phoenix
2006-07 Phoenix
2005-06 Phoenix
2004-05 Phoenix
2003-04 Kardinya Lakes
2002-03 East Fremantle
2001-02 Cockburn
2000-01 SJ Blues
1999-00 Kenwick
1998-99 Kelmscott
1997-98 Kelmscott
1996-97 Kwinana

Updated for end of season

Club Total
Cockburn 8.01
Kardinya Lakes 7.43
Hilton Bicton 6.59
CBC 6.41
Roleystone-Karragullen 5.75
Jandakot Park 5.31
Thornlie 4.71
Phoenix 4.39