Constitution of the

South Metropolitan Cricket Umpires Association


The name of the Association shall be known as The South Metropolitan Cricket Umpires Association.


  1. To promote good fellowship among the members of the Association and by discussion become unanimous in the interpretation of the rules of cricket.
  2. To foster, promote and encourage the game of cricket generally.
  3. To render advice and opinions to all cricket bodies so far as lies within its power.


  1. The “Association” shall mean the South Metropolitan Cricket Umpires Association as constituted.
  2. The SMCA shall mean the South Metropolitan Cricket Association.


There shall be three (3) grades of membership, namely:- Active member, Social member and Life member.

  1. Active Member - every person whose application to act as an umpire has been accepted by the association,subject to the payment of a subscription in accordance with Rule 11.
    Should a Active member hold a current position on the executive or committee of any cricket club within the South Metropolitan Cricket Association they shall not be able to officiate in a match involving that cricket club.
    No person shall be accepted by the association as an active member if ;
    1. they are an unfinancial member of any cricket club within the South Metropolitan Cricket Association or
    2. they are suspended for any reason by any cricket association
  2. Social Member - at the discretion of the Management Committee, social membership may be granted to a person who:-
    1. has been a member of the Association and who has retired from umpiring.
    2. takes an active part in the fostering of umpiring and /or the welfare of the Association.
      Social members shall be entitled to attend any meetings and speak, but shall not be entitled to vote or move motions. 
  3. Life Member -
    1. Life membership may be granted to any person in accordance with clause fourteen (14).
    2. Life members shall not pay any membership fees but shall have all rights and privileges of Active members


  1. The business and affairs of the Association shall be under the management and control of a Management Committee. The Management Committee may, subject to the decision made at general meetings, exercise all the powers of the Association which it considers necessary and expedient to carry out the objects of the Association.
  2. Management Committee shall consist of four (4) persons, namely:- President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, SMCA Delegate.
  3. No person may be nominated to any position named in 5(b) unless they are active financial members.
  4. The Management Committee should meet as often as required to conduct the business of the Association. A quorum of not less than three (3) members being required.


  1. The election of all office bearers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Nominations for positions can only be made by active financial members.
  3. In the event of two (2) candidates receiving equal votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


  1. The President - shall be Chairman at all meetings of the Association and shall on all ceremonial occasions represent the Association.
  2. Vice President - in the absence of the President shall be Chairman at all meetings and represent the Association on all ceremonial occasions.
  3. Secretary/Treasurer - shall keep custody of all records of the Association, attend to correspondence as directed and keep custody of all the Associations finances.
  4. SMCA Delegate - attend all SMCA Council meetings and impart relevant information to the Association.


  1. Annual General Meeting
    The Annual General Meeting will be held by the end of May each year.
  2. Ordinary General Meetings
    Shall be held during the cricket season as deemed necessary by the Management Committee.
  3. Special General Meetings
    Shall be called at any time by the Management Committee or on the written request of not less than one quarter (1/4) of financial members, stating the objects for such a meeting.
    Seven (7) days notice of such meeting shall be given to every member.


(a) At all meetings of the Association, Active and Life members shall have only one (1) vote.
(b) The President votes only to break a tie, but is not compelled to do so, as a tied motion is lost unless the President casts a vote to pass it.


At all meetings, the order of business and rules of debate that apply, will be those normally accepted by standard meeting procedures.


The annual subscription for membership shall be fixed each year at the AGM and shall be payable by week 5 of the season or after 2 weeks for new umpires during season.


Members who feel aggrieved regarding any matter in connection with the Association’s administration may submit their complaint or grievance in writing to the Secretary who shall refer them to the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall convey its decision to the next monthly meeting of the Association which shall accept or reject the finding of the Management Committee.


An active members uniform when officiating shall be ; White stiff brimmed hat,association approved long sleeved shirt,black pants,black belt and white boots or shoes.


Nomination/s for Life Membership must be submitted to the Secretary in writing, at least one calendar month prior to the AGM.

Upon receipt of the nomination/s and prior to the AGM, the Management Committee shall meet to consider the nomination/s for valuable services rendered to the Association.

The Management Committee must submit their unanimous recommendation to the AGM.

Any such recommendation must then be approved by at least 75% of the Financial Members present at the AGM.
No more than one (1) Life Member shall be elected annually.


  1. Should any matter or issue arise which is not provided for in these rules, or as to the interpretation thereof, the matter shall be referred to the Management Committee for decision. The Management Committee may seek an outside opinion on any matter so raised. The Management Committee’s decision may be ratified or rejected by a General Meeting.
  2. The Management Committee shall deal with any member guilty of:-

    1. Adverse comment on the ability of a fellow member acting as an umpire in any match in any grade if such comment is made in public or made to anyone outside the members of this body at a properly constituted meeting of the Committee of Management or of the members.
    2. Conduct which is likely to bring discredit to this Association.
    3. Any breach of the constitution and/or of any rules of this Association from time to time.
    4. Who is unfinancial.

In the exercise of its powers, the Management Committee may censure, suspend, find or, in grave cases, expel a member. The members shall be entitled to overrule any decision of the Committee of Management at a Special General Meeting specially called for the purpose, by three quarters (3/4) majority of those present at the same time.


  1. No resolution previously passed by a special or ordinary meeting of the Association shall be rescinded unless Notice of Motion has been given at an ordinary meeting of the Association prior to the meeting at which such motion is to be discussed.
  2. Every member giving Notice of Motion shall read it aloud and hand it to the Secretary in writing together with his name and the date proposed for bringing on such notice.
  3. No previous resolution of the Association shall be rescinded unless the provisions of the foregoing paragraphs are complied with and three quarters (3/4) of the members voting assent to the rescission.
  4. In event of any motion being defeated, no similar motion relating to the same subject shall be submitted to any meeting of the Association until a period of thirteen (13) months has elapsed from the date of the original motion.


No alteration to this constitution or these rules shall be made except by a three quarter (3/4) majority of Active and Life Members present at the Annual General Meeting of the Association or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.


The Association shall be deemed to have dissolved if, when a resolution in favour of dissolution, shall be carried by a three quarter (3/4) majority of the Association specially convened for the purpose of considering such resolution.
Upon the dissolution of the Association, a liquidator shall be appointed to wind up the affairs of the Association. All monies and goods shall be realised and after payment of debts for which the Association is responsible, the surplus (if any), shall be distributed to the South Metropolitan Cricket Association Inc to use as they deem necessary.