The South Metropolitan Cricket Association covers the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia from Cannington to Armadale, Mundijong to Kwinana. Umpires meet once a month and this is intended to be relaxed and informative with discussions held on various aspects of cricket umpiring including the laws, positioning etc.

The purpose of the SMCA Umpires Advisors position is to improve and maintain the standard of cricket umpiring within the Association. To help achieve this, the advisor observes umpiring performances and passes on any skills and knowledge that he possibly can.

As an umpiring body, we are always seeking ways to enhance our membership numbers, and get umpires out in the middle where it counts.

Perhaps you have played cricket and your body can no longer stand up to the rigours of playing or you have been an avid spectator and wish to have some participation in the game, you can easily become an umpire and make a little money at the same time. If this is you please click on the link Become an Umpire and/or contact the SMCA Umpire's Advisor either by email normwharris@gmail.com or phone 0433 505 900.