SMCA Notices
February 2023


ODF Round 14 - Hilton Bicton have forfeited their match against Thornlie
ODG Round 14 - Piara waters have forfeited their match against Leeming Spartan

Qualification for Mid Season Final and Order of Grades

After some email queries it is deemed important that Clubs are reminded of the order of grades for this season and qualification for the mid season. Under By-Law 11a ODA and ODB are rated higher that Fifth to Seventh Grade and this may have an effect on player qualification.  Please ensure you avoid disappointment and ensure that all your players in the one day finals are correctly qualified.

SMCA Extreme Weather Policy

By-Law 2c Extreme Weather

These general considerations apply to the SMCA Competition:

i. The welfare of players and umpires is paramount.

ii. The primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of individual participants are the individual players and Clubs.

iii. Individuals have a responsibility to withdraw from participating if their particular circumstances place them at an unacceptable level of risk. Clubs also have a responsibility in this regard.

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Notice from Cricket West - Hot Weather

The current Perth forecast for Saturday afternoon is for 39 degrees between 2pm – 5pm. I recognise each association has varying rules regarding heat and will act within those rules. I have attached our current extreme weather guidelines for heat which I encourage you to familiarise yourself with. There is a specific Heat Stress Rating Index (HSRI) calculator included for senior cricket to guide appropriate action on or prior to match days. Reminding teams of the risks associated with heat and the options available to them such as extra or extended drinks breaks would be helpful for all players and their safety.

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ODF Round 16 - Kelmscott have forfeited their match against Thornlie
ODG Round 16 - Piara Waters have forfeited their match against Maddington

Umpires Wanted For Semi Finals

Semi Final Umpires are required. Ideal for players not playing in the finals.
Contact Norm on 0433505900 or email


ODF Round 17 - Kelmscott have forfeited their match against Cockburn

Important Info - Financial Rules

Clubs are reminded of By-Law 68 (i) and (j) in relation to qualifying for finals. All clubs must be financial before the commencement of finals. There are clubs likely to qualify for finals who are unfinancial and may miss finals if this is not addressed.

i. All monies shall be paid to the Treasurer within 35 days of the date of invoice. Except the months of February and March. An invoice will be issued to advise the club of money owed. Any club neglecting to pay by the due date, as shown on the invoice, shall be disqualified from taking part in any matches until the money is paid.

j. All clubs must be financial prior to the commencement of all finals, and the 30th April each year.