Updated: September 2021


46. Registration

a.  All clubs must list and register players, regardless of age, on MyCricket prior to such players playing for that club in any match organised by the SMCA. No late registrations will be accepted.

b.  The minimum age for a player to qualify for registration to the SMCA is 14 years old.

c.  When two (2) clubs within the Association merge to form one club the players registered with both those clubs will be bound to the new club formed by such merger and will require a clearance to move from that new club.

d.  In the event of any club playing an unregistered player, the match where the offence is first reported shall count as a forfeit against the club playing the unregistered player. See By-Law 69 for penalties. The side not at fault is awarded forfeit points or points earned in the game, whichever is the greater. All match statistics for non-offending players will stand for Association trophies.

e.  Players registered for any given club on MyCricket will require a clearance to play elsewhere. Players who have not played in the past three seasons do not need a clearance to their new club, provided they are not registered with the SMCA as unfinancial with a previous club.

f.  In the event of a club playing a player under a false name, then all games participated in by that club in that round shall be considered to be forfeited with the penalties as outlined in By-Law 46.d to apply. The Captain of the offending team in which the player participated is to be suspended for six playing dates for filling in a false team sheet. The player who has offended may be dealt with by the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board.

g.  All clubs must, by 1st October, 1st January and 1st April each year, furnish to the WACA, via the SMCA Administrator, a list of all members who have left that club and who are currently in default by reason of a breach of that club’s rules, or for non-payment of any sums of money due to that club. All clubs on or before the due dates must notify the SMCA Administrator, even if the initial list supplied has not changed.

h.  Any player whose name appears in a list of defaulting members furnished under By-Law 46.g, shall be disqualified from playing in any matches arranged by the SMCA until such time as his/her name has been removed from such list of defaulting members, by the authority of the affiliated club. Any player who does not comply with this rule shall be fined in accordance with By-Law 69 of these by laws, and his or her team shall forfeit the game.