Updated: September 2021


33. Qualification for Mid Season One Day Final

Preamble: This rule is intended to apply to matches played in one-day fixtures only, including fixtures played in one-day only grades.

a.  A player must take part in at least four (4) days of fixtured one-day matches, including one-day only grades with his club to be eligible for mid season one-day finals. Should the season be shortened due to unforeseen circumstances the Executive may restate the number of qualifying days.

b.  Qualification for finals: Qualification for the one-day mid season final shall only apply to matches played in a one-day fixture, including one-day only grades. No days played in any two-day fixture shall be considered. No player shall play in a lower grade final unless he has played the majority of days in that grade or lower. For the purpose of this rule the term “majority” means more than half.

c.  Only in the event that a club has teams in consecutive grades within that clubs structure, in a finals match on a particular day: If a player has qualified with the club in the higher grade but is not selected to play in that team, he may be considered for selection in the next grade regardless of the number of qualifying matches he has played in that grade.

d.  Players may come up from lower grades, providing By-Law 33.a is met.

e.  Clubs are encouraged to submit any players whose qualification may not be certain to the Association Administrator for a ruling as to eligibility. A ruling made by the Administrator under this rule shall be binding and final on all parties.

f.  There are no permits in finals; if a player does not qualify that player cannot play.