Updated: September 2021


57. Blood rule and use of runner

a.  Any player who bleeds for any reason shall leave the field of play immediately and shall not return until the bleeding has stopped to the satisfaction of the umpire/s or opposition captain. Normal rules for leaving the field of play shall apply. If this rule applies to the last two batsmen of the innings, one period to a maximum of 10 minutes injury time is added, to stop the bleeding, before the injured player is declared retired hurt.

b. The SMCA allows for the use of a runner. A runner can only be used if the batsman becomes injured or ill during the match.

The runner must be a member of the batting side, but not the twelfth man.

He must also already have batted in the innings, if possible.

The runner must wear all the external protective equipment worn by the batsman and must carry a bat.

If either the injured batsman or his runner is out of his ground, the batsman is liable to be run out or stumped.