Updated: September 2021


63. Disciplinary hearings and procedure for reporting

a.  Any affiliated member of a club or body can be reported by an Umpire, member of the opposing team, Club Official, Association Official or Scorer for disciplinary action, using the following procedure:

I The umpire, member of the opposing team, club official, Association Official or scorer shall make every effort to notify the captain and/or the alleged offending person verbally as to the nature of the report. Should the person making the report not be an appointed official umpire the details of the report must be conveyed by phone to the Association Secretary by 10pm on the day of the match. A SMCA appointed official umpire shall advise the Umpires Advisor immediately after the match.

ii.The alleged offending player/s club will be notified of the report/s by a member of the Association Executive by email or SMS by 1pm on the day after the match. It shall be the alleged offending player/s club’s responsibility to ensure the alleged offending player/s and the team captain attend the P&D hearing.

iii.  The Association Administrator shall be notified within twenty-four (24) hours of the offence so the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board can be convened no later than the Wednesday following the completion of the game.

iv. A copy of the report documents shall be handed to each of the P&D members and the reported player/s by the Convenor prior to the commencement of the P&D hearing and/or forwarded to P&D members and relevant Clubs prior to the hearing as appropriate.

v.  If satisfied that extenuating circumstances existed, the Protests, Disputes and Appeals Board may proceed with the reported case.

b.  If any person reported under these rules is unwilling or unable to attend a board hearing on a specified date, or fails to tender written evidence in the form of a Statutory Declaration, that person will be automatically suspended until such time as the board be next convened to hear a case. At that time the board may suspend the person until such time as is convenient for the board to meet, and the case be resolved under Rule 62.

c.  Any club that is required to attend a board hearing and is unable or unwilling to attend on the specified date, will be fined $500.00, unless at the next sitting of the board they can show good reason for lack of attendance.

d.  In the event the scheduled hearing following the game falls on a public holiday, the Executive may re-schedule the hearing to a later date.