Updated: September 2021


20. Fitness of ground, weather and light

i.  In accordance with the S Cricket Australia Insurer – Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 358 303) and their Risk Management and Cricket Australia’s National Risk Protection Program the two opposing captains shall complete the Game Day Checklist together prior to commencement of each days play. In accordance with the Risk Management Policy a copy of this Checklist should be kept for a period of seven (7) years by the Home Club/ Team.

ii.  In accordance with this policy should a risk be identified as such, the captains are firstly to follow the Checklist Information and Guidelines in an order to rectify, control, avoid, transfer or accept the risk. Should no agreement be made between the two captains the decision shall then become that of the official umpire/s.  Should no umpire/s be appointed to the game a decision shall then be sought from the Match Day Referee, by phone, on match days only, and shall convey verbally their decision to both captains and the decision is, therefore, final.

iii.  The SMCA Executive reserve the right to abandon `weather affected' rounds of fixtures if necessary, or reduce a `weather affected' round of fixtures to a one day fixture if deemed necessary. The Laws of Cricket 3 (8) remain applicable in any weather-affected game.

iv.  In all weather and other affected games covered in By-Laws (19.i through to and including 19.xv), (i through to v), 25.b, 25.c, 25.d, 29.c, 32.a, 35.a, and 35.b. if the Captains agree, their wishes shall be met. Where no agreement can be reached or prevailing conditions could jeopardise the safety of any player/s, the official umpire/s shall make the decision to continue, suspend or call off play.  The decision to continue, suspend or call off play can be made at any stage during the scheduled hours of play. The official umpire/s decision will be final.

v.  Where no agreement can be reached by the captains and there are no official umpires/s the Match Day Referee shall be contacted, by phone, on match days only, to make a decision and this decision will be conveyed to both captains and the decision shall be final.

vi.   Ground lights are not to be used.

vii   No artificial lighting is permitted.